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Meet Abby

Founder, Country Club Culinary
I love food. Both cooking and eating. But, I also love making my friends and family happy through food, whether it’s spending hours curating and creating a luxurious dinner party for friends or making a simple delicious roast chicken that makes your mouth water as soon as it hits the oven.

I am very passionate about enjoying life in every aspect, especially with the little things. And for me, food is a big part of that. While I very much enjoy a ten course meal with wine pairings at a Michelin restaurant, I have equal love of devouring a juicy bacon cheeseburger.

As a native to the Kansas City area, I love and appreciate the kindness and hospitality of our wonderful city. Thank you for supporting your local businesses!

Here’s how it looks to work with us:


We create the entire week’s plan


We shop and prepare the meals


We clean and leave detailed instructions


Your life is 100 times easier

Each week we’ll work with you to create a meal plan for you for the entire week to meet your needs (e.g., out of town guests, happy hour with friends, dining away from home so less is required, or extra food for lunches).

Once you accept the menu, we will purchase all necessary ingredients and prepare the meals for you in your kitchen, stock them in your refrigerator, and include warming instructions or final steps on completing the meal.

Each week’s cooking session will be scheduled in advance and will most likely be on the same day of the week. We ask that the kitchen and prep space is clean and free of pets or children. I ask that you have appropriate storage containers for your food clean and ready to be filled on our cooking day. I can procure them if you’d prefer.  We will clean and disinfect the kitchen before and after cooking.

Depending on the menu, it will take us anywhere between 4-8 hours to complete the planning, shopping and preparations for the week. As mentioned above, as this is fully customizable, you can make it as simple or complex as you’d like. Certain menu items require more time to both acquire ingredients and prepare, but they make life a little more interesting! The extra stop at the Italian grocery or the Asian market for custom ingredients can go a long way in a simple meal. 

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