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Meet Abby

Founder, Country Club Culinary

Welcome to Country Club Culinary!

I love food. Both cooking and eating. But, I also love making my friends and family happy through food, whether it’s spending hours curating and creating a luxurious dinner party for friends or making a simple delicious roast chicken that makes your mouth water as soon as it hits the oven.

Work with me

Work with me

Personal Chef

Full service and personalized chef services offer the opportunity to enjoy delicious and healthy meals every night without lifting a finger, making your life easier and more enjoyable.

Meal Plans

Meal plans from Country Club Culinary ensure that you no longer have to think about what to have for dinner each night after a long day of work. Our plans utilize ingredients across multiple recipes to reduce waste and save you money and also include a grocery list, organized by section, to simplifying your shopping trip.

Not seeing what you need? Not to worry, I offer fully customizable services.

Let’s chat about food!

I know you’re busy, but let’s take some time to talk about what you’d like to be eating.

Everyone’s dietary needs and styles are unique. Drop us a line, and we can figure out what sort of a meal plan works for your goals and lifestyle!

“The last thing I can think of when I get home from a stressful day is what to cook for my family. Abby makes mealtimes completely stress FREE. I don’t know where I’d be without Abby’s help.”

Sam, Overland Park

“I hosted a 60 birthday party for my husband while we were visiting family in K.C. Abby made the party fully enjoyable, because I didn’t have to even think about the food. She was an utter professional from start to finish.”

Jill, California

“I can’t thank Abby and Country Club Culinary enough! Where I used to spend so much time thinking about how to feed my family, she has given me back valuable time with them.”

Aisha, Brookside

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